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Windows and DoorsWestchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties Energy Solutions Windows and Doors, High performance low-e2 coatings, clear glass, krypton fill, super spacer

Windows and doors not only add to the interior and exterior beauty of your home, but also to its security and protection. At the same time, however, those same windows and doors can be a prime source of drafts, lost heat and cooling — and wasted energy dollars. Because in most cases, when it comes down to it, the ultimate efficiency of your windows and doors is less dependent on brand and price, and more on the quality of their installation.

The real issue with windows is not so much the materials they are made of but how well they are installed, sealed and insulated. The same is true for doors. When they are improperly installed, sealed and insulated, or carelessly covered instead with only trim molding, even the most expensive windows and doors will result in reduced efficiency — and wasted money.

Your Franzoso auditor carefully checks your windows and doors for wear and damage, and their frames, trim and moldings for air leaks and energy loss. Oftentimes, efficiency can be improved by air sealing with caulk or by injecting insulation around windows and doors. In other instances replacing old, inefficient windows and doors with higher-efficiency, Energy Star rated alternatives may be recommended.

Today's new windows, feature double- or triple-pane systems filled with air or nontoxic gasses like argon or krypton to improve insulation. These energy-efficient windows can also block outside noise more effectively than single pane windows, and Energy Star-rated windows, according to, can help reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 15%.

By the same token, today's new exterior doors, including front-entry doors and patio doors, are also Energy Star rated and designed to save you money on heating and cooling costs, while also improving interior comfort and security.

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties Energy Solutions Energy Efficient Windows

  • Quality frame materials: A variety of durable, insulated and low-maintenance framing materials reduce heat transfer and increase better insulation.
  • Multiple panes: Two panes of glass, with an air- or gas-filled space in the middle, insulate far better than a single pane of glass. Some Energy Star® rated windows include three panes for even greater energy efficiency, increased impact resistance, and sound insulation.
  • Low-e glass: Special coatings reflect infrared light, keeping heat inside in winter and outside in summer. They also reflect damaging ultraviolet light, which helps protect interior furnishings from fading. The more a window can reject or absorb the UV energy, the more it protects furniture, rugs and other home furnishings. Franzoso can recommend a variety of insulated glass packages with R-values as high as R-10 and double or triple-pane glass with multilayered gas coatings.
  • Gas fills: Some high energy-efficient windows have argon, krypton or other gases between the panes. These odorless, colorless, non-toxic gases insulate better than regular air.
  • Warm edge spacers: A spacer maintains the correct distance Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties Energy Solutions Energy Efficient Doorsbetween the window's glass panes. Nonmetallicand metal/non-metal hybrid spacers also insulate pane edges, reducing heat transfer through the window.
  • Expert installation: For a window or door to maintain maximum energy efficiency, it must be manufactured to accurately measured specifications. In the process of installation it must be carefully placed, made square and level, and fastenedsecurely to the home. All cavities between he door or window frame must be fully insulated and completely sealed to eliminate drafts and moisture from entering the home.

What Makes a Door Energy Efficient?

  • Multiple-glass window panes: Double or triple-paned insulating glass reduces heat flow.
  • Tighter fit and improved weather stripping: New frames may include a magnetic strip to create a tighter seal to reduces air leakage around the edges, similar to the way a refrigerator closes and seals itself.
  • Improved core materials: Fiberglass, wood cladding and steel with polyurethane foam core are among the most energy-efficient door materials available today. Franzoso can recommend a variety of door designs with various R-values.

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