*Westchester & Putnam NY Home Energy Audits*

What exactly is a “home energy audit”?

A home energy audit is a comprehensive series of inspections, tests and measurements performed by our BPI-certified (Building Performance Institute) auditors to objectively assess how much energy your home is actually using. It also evaluates indoor air quality and enables the auditor to identify the steps you can then take to improve fuel efficiency, and control energy costs.

A certified audit by an experienced Franzoso Energy Solutions auditor entails both wall-to-wall, attic-to-basement inspections on the interior of your home, as well as foundation-to-roof inspections on the outside. Your auditor may also use specialized detection equipment such as a blower door monitor to measure the true extent of heat or cooling loss in your home, and an infrared camera to reveal specific areas of air leaks, missing insulation and other sources of ongoing energy loss.

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Colder weather has arrived to Westchester

It has been a busy few weeks to say the least for the Franzoso team.

The colder weather has now  come to Westchester and of course Hurricane Sandy and a recent N’oreaster created quite a bit of damage to many of our customers homes requiring our immediate attention. You may be losing money and valuable resources every day like heating through insulation loss, poor windows, etc. and it would be wise to make some efficiency upgrades now. Let Franzoso Energy Solutions help lower your energy loss as well as those monthly utility bills!

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Croton’s Franzoso Branches Out

Mark Franzoso, President of Franzoso Contracting Inc and Franzoso Energy Solutions

Here’s a new article that was just written about our new Franzoso Energy Solutions division. Thanks to Christopher Michael McHugh of OssiningCrotononHudsonPatch.com for the great writeup !

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