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Franzoso Energy AuditsWestchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties Energy Solutions Blower Door Test

A home energy audit is a comprehensive series of inspections, tests and measurements performed by our BPI-certified (Building Performance Institute) auditors to objectively assess how much energy your home is actually using. It also evaluates indoor air quality and enables the auditor to identify the steps you can then take to improve fuel efficiency, and control energy costs.

A certified audit by an experienced Franzoso auditor entails both wall-to-wall, attic-to-basement inspections on the interior of your home, as well as foundation-to-roof inspections on the outside. Your auditor may also use specialized detection equipment such as a blower door monitor to measure the true extent of heat or cooling loss in your home, and an infrared camera to reveal specific areas of air leaks, missing insulation and other sources of ongoing energy loss.

Your smartest, straightest path to energy savings, improved indoor air quality and comfort begins with a home energy audit.

A Franzoso Energy Solutions audit consists of most or all of these 11 steps, followed by a detailed post-inspection report: Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties Energy Solutions Overall Home Inspection

  1. Overall Home Inspection

    A complete interior and exterior visual inspection of your home is conducted to document room, stairways and other measurements, identify any existing structural issues or other physical conditions in and outside your home.

  2. Insulation Levels

    Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties Energy Solutions Insulation LevelsAll interior walls, including switch plates and outlet covers, and exterior siding, crawl spaces, basement, and pipes and air ducts are fully evaluated. Old or inadequately insulated or uninsulated areas of the home lead invariably to cold rooms in winter, hot rooms in summer and unnecessarily high energy bills all year-round.

    Typically, the easiest, most obvious and cost-effective place to better insulate your home is the attic. However, if you own an older home with no insulation in the walls, you could be losing up to half of the heated and cooled air you produce and pay for.

  3. Windows and DoorsWestchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties Energy Solutions for Windows and Doors

    Each door and every window are inspected for proper fit and energy performance. Windows and doors are inherently deficient in their R-values (the measurement of insulation’s resistance to heat flow). The higher the R-value, the more efficient the insulation.

    A single pane of glass, for instance, has an R-value of 1, wooden doors have an R-value of 2.5 and insulated metal doors have R-values ranging from 6 to 10. The real issue with windows and doors is not the material they are made of, but how well they are installed. Improper installation results in gaps around windows and doors. When these gaps are not properly sealed, and covered instead with only trim molding, a drafty feeling results.

  4. Basement and Crawlspace

    Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties Energy Solutions Basement and Crawlspace Home InspectionEvidence of heat loss, cold air, moisture and mildew are measured in the lower, often less-used areas of your home. As hot air is generated by your boiler or furnace, it rises up through the house and into the attic through leaks. Cold air is then drawn in from outside through the rim joist in your basement to fill in displaced warm air. This makes a home feel drafty, damp and musty, and contributes greatly to energy loss and high energy bills. Crawlspaces, too, are notorious “magnets” for cold air, moisture, mold and mildew problems, and continuous energy loss.

  5. Heating and Hot Water SystemsWestchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties Energy Solutions Heating and Hot Water Systems Audit

    Your home furnace system and hot water heater are thoroughly checked for proper venting, pipe insulation and energy performance. Home heating systems typically have a heat capacity between 1.5 to 2 times greater than needed to maintain room temperature even on extremely cold days. Because of this “oversizing,” your heat system’s burner will repeatedly cycle on and off to prevent overheating during any call for heat from your thermostat. This is exceedingly energy inefficient.

  6. Duct Distribution Analysis

    Homes with forced-air heating systems may also require additional testing to measure the efficiency of ductwork. This test reveals important clues to where and how much conditioned air escapes from your ducts before it gets to your living spaces.

  7. Health and Safety Checks

    Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties Energy Solutions Health and Safety Checks and Audit Carbon monoxide testing is also performed on all combustion appliances in the home; furnace, steam and water boiler, water heater and stove. Additional testing is performed on heating systems to measure for any leaks of combustion gas. Your auditor also checks to make sure that all appliances are properly drafted and a combustion appliance zone test is performed for overall equipment condition.

  8. Home Appliances and Lighting

    Major appliances, such as stoves, washers/driers and refrigerators, and lighting fixtures are evaluated for energy efficiency and to determine if newer, more efficient appliances could also help reduce energy costs.

  9. Blower Door Air Leakage TestWestchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties Energy Solutions Blower Door Air Leakage Test

    Performed at an additional cost, the blower door test determines the rate of air leakage rate in your home. It also allows the auditor to locate exactly where air is entering and escaping, especially around bypass construction details, such as pipes, as well as unsealed gaps in the materials used to construct your home. The test also suggests the level of work required for improved indoor comfort and efficiency.

  10. Infrared Inspection

    Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties Energy Solutions Infrared Home Inspection
    Your Franzoso solutions advisor can also perform this inspection at an additional cost. The use of an infrared camera — thermographic inspection is not always included as part of the home energy audit. But it is a highly effective inspection tool typically used to inspect unique building problems and graphically reveal their direct effect on energy loss.

  11. Inspection Results, Recommendations and Financing

    After a thorough inspection and analysis of your home, we present our results in a complete and detailed report. This report includes photographs, Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties Energy Solutions Home Inspection Results, Recommendations and Financingmeasurements, thermal images and blower door analyses (if conducted), evident health and safety issues, and an full explanation of the extent of energy loss in your home.

    At the same time, we also present recommended energy upgrade solutions, the cost of those solutions, as well as the projected return on your investment those upgrades will bring in the short and long term.

    We’ll also advise you on incentives and rebates available through state and local governments that can help you finance your energy improvements. We’ll explain how they work, and assist you step-by-step through the application process.

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